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What We Do

EMI specializes in the design and manufacture of custom machinery and systems to your specifications. We also provide repair, restoration and consulting for all custom automation, as well as general machining and parts making.
All EMI machines and systems are completely designed, manufactured, assembled, wired, guarded and debugged at our facility to order. They are then put through production trials at our facility, utilizing exact client parts. Upon delivery to the client, we also provide client training, follow-up service and support.
EMI uses only time-tested, top quality components from longstanding vendors in our machines. We provide complete documentation materials, lists of high wear parts, and instruction manuals with each machine.
EMI has been providing automation solutions to a wide array of industries for years, including medical, electronic, packaging, and pharmaceutical industries.
At EMI, every machine is custom designed for your needs. We can work from highly detailed plans or sit down with you and discuss your needs and come up with an original design suited to them.

Although all of our machines are made to order, we do stock the parts for the ribbon fusing machine, which can be assembled to your specifications.

At EMI, all our machines are custom designed and built using in-house capability to fabricate most components.

Most machining is done in house with computer numeric controlled equipment.

All assembly and debug is done in house, not outsourced, for a more seamless, and confidential process.

Quality Control
Tight quality control is an ongoing process from first piece inspection through final assembly.

Examples of Automation
Examples of some of the types of automation equipment / applications EMI has designed:
Adhesive bonding
Catheter manufacturing
Cut and pack
Electrical testing
Load and unload
Machine tending
Parts sorting using vision
Pick and place
System integration
Test Bench
Vision inspection

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